New empoyee started at PalonenLABS

There has been an increasing need for our software developing services. We are happy to tell Jani Isoaho has decided to join our team!

Jani has an long experience in writing software to various industry environments. We warmly welcome Jani to join our growing team!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017!

We wish Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017! 


Elcat is now charging fully from the sun

It's finally spring here in Finland. Sun is shining and our solar panels are working nicely. Our Elcat electric car is now powered by the sun energy. Our maximum daily energy production so far is over 10 kWh, which is more than enough for our daily use. 

It's great to drive with the car, when driving is almost free! Sun energy is also pollution free, so we are happy with our solar energy experimentation results so far. 


Here you can see more information about our power plant.





elcat aurinkopaneelit

rS3 electric qualification

We now have an rS3 electric qualification.

Based on that official qualification we can supervise and conduct electrical work related to electric and hybrid vehicle projects. These include electric and hybrid vehicle maintenance and repair work, including both drive- and battery-systems over 120VDC. We can also make an official electrical inspection needed for registering modified electrical cars with over 120VDC battery system.

More information about rS3 from and


Doodle3D sketching tool

Today we received the Doodle3D sketching tool. Doodle 3D allows you to draw your design with Doodle3D software with your iPad or computer. After drawing, you just press  "Print" button from the Doodle3D software and 3D printer prints the design. Doodle3D sends the printing data via WiFi-connection from your computer or iPad into 3D printer. Even a child can use this.

For more information, visit Doodle3D  site. 











Doodle3d, Ultimaker, Ultimaker 3D Printing

Happy yellow electric van

PalonenLABS is now driving with an Electric Elcat van. We can drive up to 150-170 km with one charge. Elcat can also transport surprising big amounts of cargo for it's size.
It's very pleasant to drive with Elcat, drive is silent and pollution free. In future, we are going to charge Elcat with solar energy, with our own solar-plant right outside of our workshop.
We use Elcat for technical testing and R&D. We are testing battery management systems, batteries and displays to name a few uses for our yellow R&D van.

Printed electric motor prototype

We needed a prototype of an electric motor to see if it fits into our customer's electric vehicle. We could easily prepare the model in our workshop, using Ultimaker 3D printer. The printing took 20 hours. The prototype was made of PLA plastic. It was printed in two parts, because of the complex structure of the item. 
Ultimaker 3D printer suits very fine for preparing prototypes. Using prototypes saves money, because you can make all the needed improvements into the protoype. 

Prototype modelling, 3D printing, EV, Reference

Electric bicycles

Spring is now here in Finland and the roads are ready for bicycling.  Our customer needed electric bicycles so we assembled accus, electric motor and motor controller into bicycles. The accus are lithium-ion accus.
You can easily adjust the effectiveness of your exercise by using electric bicycle. You don't need to sweat, if you use bicycle on work trip. If you want to exercise harder, don't launch the electric motor. 
Electric bicycling is environmentally friendly and gives you more possibilities. You can make longer journeys and just enjoy about the nature. You can rest at times and let the motor do the hardest work, while you're listening the birds singing.

sähköavusteinen polkupyörä, Reference

Ultimaker with heated bed

We designed and built a heated bed into Ultimaker 3D printer. The bed is made of aluminium and it uses own and more effective power source. The heated bed expands the printing possibilities. It makes possible to make demanding ABS plastic items. During the printing process, the item won't curl up because of the heated bed. 
The temperature of the bed can be adjusted in controller panel. 

Ultimaker 3D Printing, Heated bed, Reference

Photos of Ula-Sähkö Oy's VW Transporter publishing event

Photos of Ula-Sähkö Oy's VW Transporter publishing event in Outokumpu on 8.4.2013. 

sähkömuunnos Ula-Sähkö Oy, Teijo Makkonen